9. Running gear

Steering elements

The independent forward suspension bracket like MacPherson includes cylindrical springs and compound telescopic shock-absorbers. Racks of MacPherson fasten to the lower cross levers of a suspension bracket by means of spherical hinges. On rotary fists wheel bearings, brake supports and a nave are installed. The forward stabilizer of cross stability is installed on all models. The stabilizer fastens via rubber plugs on the lower frame and is connected directly with racks of a forward suspension bracket.

The stabilizer of cross stability is fixed on the lower frame and connected to naves the scenes.

The steering column has the universal hinge located from the lower party which connects a steering shaft to the intermediate shaft having the second universal hinge in the lower part. The lower universal hinge connects a steering column to the steering mechanism by means of a tightening bolt.

The steering mechanism is installed on a forward lower frame and connected with two steering drafts spherical hinges on the external ends of steering drafts. On the ends of steering drafts there is a carving for adjustment of a convergence of forward wheels.


The airbag of safety is installed on a steering wheel. When performing a number of works it is necessary to observe certain precautions not to damage the safety airbag:

  – before performance of any works on a safety cushion remove a wire from the accumulator and wait on extremely measure 1 minute that the condenser of system was discharged;
  – do not heat a safety cushion above 90 °C;
  – the safety cushion and the control unit are sensitive to blow. If there was their falling from height more than 50 cm, they need to be replaced;
  – disconnect contact of a wire of the control unit from a safety cushion when using arc electric welding.