9.5. Forward lower frame

Arrangement of a forward side bolt of fastening of the lower frame


1. Establish wheels for the movement directly forward.
2. In interior of the car unscrew the bolt fixing the lower part of an intermediate shaft of a steering column to a gear wheel of steering transfer. Remove a shaft from a gear wheel and move aside.
3. Using the syringe, pump out liquid from a tank of the amplifier of steering.
4. On models with the mechanical transmission disconnect draft of gear shifting from the transmission.
5. On models with petrol engines disconnect the electric socket of the sensor of oxygen.
6. Hook on the power unit the load-lifting mechanism and raise so that the weight of the power unit was perceived by the load-lifting mechanism.
7. Remove a front grille and, using a wire, connect a radiator with an air reflector.
8. Remove a front bumper.
9. Lift a forward part of the car and record on supports. Remove both forward wheels.
10. Unscrew nuts and disconnect drafts of the stabilizer of cross stability from forward racks.
11. Remove steering drafts from rotary fists.
12. Unscrew tightening bolts, the fixing hinges of the lower levers of a forward suspension bracket in rotary fists.
13. Using the corresponding lever, move the lower levers of a forward suspension bracket down and take pins of spherical hinges from a rotary fist. If the pin of the spherical hinge sits densely in a rotary fist, use the screw-driver or a thin chisel as a wedge and weaken a fastening clip.
14. Remove a reception exhaust pipe.
15. Unscrew three bolts of fastening of a back support of the power unit to the transmission.
16. On models with air conditioning disconnect air conditioning system pipelines from the lower frame.
17. Disconnect pipelines of the amplifier of steering from the right side of the lower frame.
18. Using the load-lifting mechanism, support the power unit.
19. Unscrew the bolts fixing a support of the forward unit to the lower frame.
20. Unscrew bolts of fastening of the lower frame. Lower the lower frame a little and unscrew pipelines of the amplifier of steering from steering transfer.
21. Lower the lower frame and take from under the car.


Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.