9.4. Replacement of forward hug bearings

1. Remove a rotary fist.
2. For removal of a nave from a rotary fist use a press and a tubular mandrel of the corresponding diameter.
3. Establish a rotary fist by inside up and, using a metal mandrel, choose a nave from hug bearings.
4. Using a stripper, remove an internal ring of the bearing from a nave.
5. Remove a lock ring of fastening of the bearing from the inside of a rotary fist.
6. If necessary establish an internal ring of the bearing back and, opiry an internal part of a rotary fist on supports and using a tubular mandrel, squeeze out the bearing from a rotary fist.
7. Clear a nave and a rotary fist of dirt, and lubricant.
8. Reliably fix a rotary fist on supports and install on it the bearing. You make installation of the bearing with use of a tubular mandrel which has to press on an external ring of the bearing.
9. Fix the bearing a new lock ring which has to be established in flutes in a rotary fist.
10. Press a nave in the bearing. At the same time use a tubular mandrel which presses on an internal ring of the bearing.
11. Install a rotary fist together with a nave on the car.