9.23. Steering draft


1. Remove steering transfer.
2. Remove the corresponding tip of steering draft.
3. Measure distance from a lock-nut of a tip of steering draft until the end of steering draft, then unscrew a lock-nut.
4. Weaken collars and remove a protective cover of steering transfer.
5. Unscrew the internal spherical hinge of steering draft from a gear lath and remove steering draft.


1. Screw up the spherical hinge in a gear lath the required moment.
2. Establish a protective cover of the steering mechanism on its case and steering draft and fix it by collars.
3. Screw a lock-nut in situation in which it was before removal.
4. Establish a tip of steering draft.
5. Establish steering transfer.
6. Check and, if necessary, adjust the angles of installation of forward wheels.