9.19. Steering transfer


1. Establish forward wheels for the movement directly forward.
2. Remove a forward lower frame.
3. Unscrew a fastening bolt to the lower frame.
4. Note the provision of clips of fastening of steering transfer (shooter), unscrew bolts and remove clips.
5. Remove steering transfer from the lower frame.
6. Remove rubber pillows from steering transfer, noting their arrangement.
10. The lower bolts of fastening of a case of coupling to the block of cylinders.


1. Establish rubber pillows on steering transfer.
2. Establish clips of fastening of steering transfer and fix them by bolts.
3. Establish a back support of the power unit and fix by bolts to the lower frame.
4. Establish a forward lower frame.
5. Check and, if necessary, adjust the angles of installation of forward wheels.