8.9. Lobbies and back brake disks

Arrangement of a wheel bolt with a thick washer opposite to the screw of fastening of a brake disk (A) for fastening of a brake disk

Minimum thickness of a brake disk

The minimum thickness of a brake disk is beaten out on an external surface of a brake disk.


1. Lift respectively a forward or back part of the car and record on supports. Remove the corresponding wheel.
2. Establish a washer 10 mm thick on a bolt of fastening of a wheel and screw in a fastening bolt in the opening located from the opposite side of screws of fastening of a brake disk.
3. Slowly turn a brake disk so that it could be considered from two parties. Wear of a brake disk from blocks has to be in admissible limits. If wear exceeds an admissible limit, or there are cracks on a disk, the disk is subject to replacement.
4. The indicator of hour type check a beating of a brake disk. Fix the indicator of hour type in any convenient place and, turning a disk, define its beating at distance of 10 mm from the outer edge.