7. Transmission

Coupling consists of a clutch plate, the leading part of coupling with a press disk and the coupling switching off mechanism.

The clutch plate is established between a flywheel and a press clutch plate and moves on vents of a main shaft of the transmission.

The leading knot of coupling is screwed by bolts on a flywheel. The torque during the operation of the engine is transmitted from a bent shaft through a flywheel and a clutch plate which is clamped between a flywheel and a press disk to a main shaft of the transmission.

To disconnect the engine from the transmission, it is necessary to take away press a disk from a clutch plate. It is reached by use of the hydraulic drive which consists of the main cylinder, the working cylinder of coupling and hoses. Pressing of a pedal of coupling moves the piston in the main cylinder and compresses liquid which on a shlaga moves to the working cylinder. Under pressure the piston of the working cylinder moves and puts a coupling switching off fork in action. The fork of switching off of coupling moves tightening the bearing which influences a spring of a release disk and takes away a release disk from a clutch plate. Adjustment of coupling happens automatically.