7.4.4. Replacement of hinges of a power shaft

Arrangement of a lock ring of fastening of the hinge of a power shaft (V) and flute for a lock ring (A) on driving to a shaft

1. Remove a power shaft. Remove a collar of fastening of a protective cover of a power shaft and shift a rubber protective cover on a power shaft.
2. Using flat-nose pliers or the screw-driver, expand a lock ring in which fix the hinge of a power shaft to a power shaft.
3. Using the rubber hammer or a kiyanka, bring down the hinge from a power shaft.
4. Install the hinge with a new lock ring on a power shaft so that the lock ring was accurately recorded in a flute of a power shaft.
5. Fill the hinge with lubricant.
6. Establish a rubber protective cover of the hinge.
7. Install a power shaft in the car.