7.2.6. Replacement of sealing rings

Sealing ring of a power shaft

1. Lift a forward part of the car and record on supports. Remove the corresponding forward wheel.
2. Merge oil from the transmission.
3. Remove a power shaft.
4. Note depth of installation of a sealing ring, then, using the screw-driver as the lever, take a sealing ring.
5. Carefully clear a nest of a sealing ring, then fill working edges of a new sealing ring with lubricant.
6. Establish a new sealing ring into place, using the corresponding tubular mandrel.
7. Establish a power shaft.
8. Fill in oil in the transmission.

Sealing ring of an entrance shaft

The sealing ring of an entrance shaft of the transmission is an integral part of the cylinder of switching off of coupling. If replacement of a sealing ring of an entrance shaft is necessary, it is necessary to replace the working cylinder of coupling assembled.