6.3. System of ignition

On all models the system of ignition is combined with system of injection of fuel and represents the integrated control system of the engine from one ECU block.

The block of ignition consists of two coils of ignition. Each coil of ignition actually consists of two separate high-voltage windings which give a spark to two cylinders everyone (one – to N1 and 4 cylinders, and another – to N2 and 3 cylinders). The impulse of ignition moves on two spark plugs for each cylinder of the engine, one on a compression step, one on an exhaust step at once. The ignition spark on a step of an exhaust does not influence operation of the engine and therefore it is spent for nothing. The ECU block uses entrances from various sensors to calculate the required installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition and time of accumulation of energy on the ignition coil.