5.1.9. Removal of pressure in fuel system


During the work on fuel system it is necessary to take off previously pressure in system.

SOCH engines of 1,6 l

1. Switch off ignition.
2. Uncover the relay block.
3. Take the relay of the fuel pump (the relay of violet color).
4. Start the engine in the idling mode to an engine stop.
5. Remove a weight wire from the accumulator and install the relay in the block of the relay and close a relay block cover.

L DOCH 1.6, 1.8 and 2 engines

On these engines pressure in fuel system can be taken off by the method described above, or as follows.
1. Unscrew a stopper from the valve of removal of pressure and install the corresponding container under the valve.
2. On engines of 1,6 l the valve is located at an end face of the fuel highway (it is specified by an arrow).
3. On l engines 1,8 and 2,0 the valve is located from above the fuel highway (it is specified by an arrow).
4. The screw-driver press a valve zolotnik, at the same time it will come out fuel, and take off pressure in fuel system.
5. Screw a stopper on a head of the valve of removal of pressure.