5.1.10. Fuel pump


1. Take off pressure in fuel system and remove a weight wire from the accumulator.
2. Move a pillow of a back seat forward and raise a carpet over the fuel pump.
3. Using an edge of the thin screw-driver as the lever, remove a plastic cover for access to the fuel pump.
4. Disconnect the electric socket (A) from the fuel pump and paste it an adhesive tape to a body in order that it did not fall for the fuel tank.
5. Press the brackets located from two parties of a clamp of a fuel hose and remove fuel hoses (In).
6. Unscrew the ring fixing a cover of the fuel pump. Raise it and from a reverse side of a cover disconnect the electric socket.
7. Weaken collars, remove hoses and remove a cover of the fuel pump from interior of the car.
8. Release three brackets of fastening (1), pressing them inside by means of the special tool (2).
9. Lift a casing of the fuel pump from the fuel tank. At the same time be careful not to drop the fuel filter installed in the basis of the fuel pump.
10. Remove the fuel filter from the basis of the fuel pump. Check a condition of the fuel filter and, if necessary, replace it.


Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.