3c33ddb1 Replacement of the fuel filter

1. The fuel filter is located under a back part of the car and fastens to the fuel tank a special belt.
2. Depressurize fuel system.
3. Lift a back part of the car and record on supports.
4. Release the fastening bracket holding the filter. Before removal of the filter pay attention to the arrow on the filter case specifying the direction of a stream of fuel.
5. Install under the fuel filter the corresponding container to catch the spilled fuel.
6. Release collars of fastening of hoses.
7. Remove fuel hoses from the fuel filter.
8. Take the fuel filter from under the car.
9. Installation of the fuel filter is made in the sequence, the return to removal taking into account the next moments:

  – check that the arrow on the fuel filter correctly specifies the direction of a stream of fuel;
  – check that fuel hoses are correctly connected to the fuel filter;
  – start the engine and check fuel system for tightness.