11.1.11. Combination of devices

Removal and installation

1. Remove a steering wheel and casings of a steering column.
2. Remove the nozzles of system of ventilation, central and side from the driver, from the dashboard for what from two parties of a nozzle insert an edge of the probe and take nozzles from a nest.
3. Remove the lighting switch.
4. Unscrew internal and external and screws.
5. Remove a decorative overlay of a combination of devices.
6. Unscrew two screws (arrow) and remove a lighting switch casing. Disconnect electric sockets.
7. Unscrew two screws.
8. Remove a combination of devices
9. Disconnect electric sockets from a back part of a combination of devices and take a combination of devices from interior of the car.
10. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal.