10.24.2. Back door of the Station wagon models


1. Remove a weight wire from the accumulator.
2. Open a back door and unscrew screws, release fastening brackets.
3. Remove an upholstery of a back door.
4. Disconnect the electric socket located under glass of a back door.
5. Unscrew a bolt and disconnect the tire of grounding of a back door.
6. Disconnect electric sockets from a heater of back glass, the switch of illumination of salon, a lamp of illumination of registration plate, the engine of a steloochistitel, the engine of the central blocking of a door and the switch of anticreeping system.
7. Tie a thin cord to the end of a plait of wires, then take a plait of wires from the top part of a back door. Untie a cord and leave it at doors.
8. Disconnect a hose of a washer of glass of a back door.
9. Holding a back door in open situation, disconnect racks of support of a back door.
10. Take brackets of fixing of pins of the hinge (shooter) and a drift beat out pins and remove a back door.


1. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal. Check that the lock of a back door is accurately fixed on a shock plate.
2. If adjustment of provision of a shock plate is necessary, unscrew screws of fastening of finishing of the lower part of a doorway, weaken bolts of fastening of a shock plate, adjust its situation and again fix by bolts.