10:19. Door window regulator

Arrangement of window regulators of a forward door

1. A window regulator with the manual drive
2. A window regulator with the electric drive


1. Remove an upholstery of a door and a protective film.
2. At removal of a forward window regulator on models with a safety cushion remove an arm of the side sensor of a safety cushion.
3. Using an adhesive tape, enshrine glass in the open provision.
4. On models with power windows disconnect the electric socket of a window regulator.
5. Note position of the adjusting screw of fastening of a guide of glass and unscrew the screw.
6. Drill rivets of fastening of a window regulator and
7. Take the lever from the channel on the basis of glass.
8. Take a window regulator from a door (on a photo at the left – a window regulator of a forward door, on a photo on the right – back).


1. Installation is made in the sequence, the return to removal. Fix a window regulator with use of new rivets.
2. Razvaltsuyte of a rivet of fastening of a window regulator special tool.