1.6. Multi - Info - the display

Indication of time, radio receiver or date, results of checks of Check-Control and on-board computer

The display lights up at inclusion of ignition. At the display constantly there is an indication of time, date is removed in case of the switched-off radio receiver. Messages on results of checks of Check-Control have advantage before indication of the on-board computer.

Brightness of indication is regulated at the included lighting by means of the right regulator of the lighting located under the switch.

At the switched-off ignition about 15 sec., indication of time, date and external temperature by short pressing of one of two buttons from above from the display can be caused short-term.

Installation of date and time


To switch off the radio receiver, and buttons, over the display to press in the following order:

Installation mode:

with about 2 sec., days blink;
to establish day;
months blink,
to establish month;
years blink;
to establish year;
hours blink;
to establish hours;
minutes blink;
to establish minutes;
hours to within a second join.

If time needs installation only, then in the mode of installation to press the button until hours or minutes begin to blink.

Malfunction indication


Indication of F on the display indicates malfunction. Faulty function is blocked. For elimination of the reason to address in an authorized workshop of Opel.