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1.21. Fuel grade

Fuel grades for engines with spark ignition of working mix

Standard high-quality grades of fuel are suitable. Quality of fuel considerably influences the power, kind of work and service life of the engine. At the same time are of great importance added to fuel of additive (additive). Therefore fill only qualitative grades of fuel with additives.

Use of fuel with insufficient value of octane number can lead to knock, the ignition caused by early installation.
Fuel with higher octane number can be applied in any cases.

At cars in which fuel tank it is necessary to fill unleaded gasoline it is impossible to insert into a bulk mouth of the fuel tank the gun of a fuel-dispensing column with ethylated gasoline.

At all engines with spark ignition of working mix (except 16 LZ 2) it is carried out, depending on a grade (octane number) of the filled fuel, automatic control of ignition.
Economy mode of operation of the car is reached by use of fuel with the octane number equal 95.

At cars with the engine 16 LZ 2 the electronic system between two values of octane number by reinstallation of the coding fork in podkapotny space allows to choose.


The chosen octane number is put before the fixing bracket. If it is necessary to fill gasoline with other octane number, then it is necessary to spend a fuel reserve in a tank whenever possible to a limit, to refuel, switch off ignition, to take the coding fork from the holder, to open the fixing bracket, to pull out the coding fork, to turn it on 180 °, to insert into place, to record, establish in the holder.

Fuel grades, the having bigger value of octane number, than is coded, do not do any harm.