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Opel Vectra B

Opel Vectra — the car of the German concern Opel. As of 2009 there is three consistently replacing each other in version time: Vectra A, B, C.

The car represents deep modification of Vektra A.

Was issued with 1995 — 2002. In 1999 there took place restyling. Were changed: the forward and back optics, a luggage carrier form, the dashboard, fine details of an interior and exterior (colored door handles and moldings, internal handles of doors became chromeplated, overlays for thresholds etc.), appeared 5-bolted naves on all modifications, regularly 4 safety cushions began to be present at a complete set.

Was issued in many markets. For American — under brand Saturn (with changes in an exterior and an interior, new, in comparison with the European Vektrami, a bumper, optics, salon). For Great Britain — under brand Vektr's Vauxhall (the right wheel), for Brazil — under the name of Vektr's Chevrolet (practically without changes).

In the market come across Vektra, serving in police. Differ in the changed engine of 1,8 (other cam-shafts, pistons, perhaps, the crankshaft with rods are established), perhaps, it is established to the check point with other transfer numbers. There is no pocket in a forward passenger door (instead of it — a holster under the automatic machine), other details.

The limited edition Vektr in Yelabuga (Tatarstan) on JV Dzhiem was collected. Exact information is absent, presumably, collected about 200 Vektr. The version with the x20xev engine, CD complete set which is turning on the conditioner, the cassette radio tape recorder, heating of seats and mirrors, a full electropackage, 2 safety cushions, the F23 transmission, a washer of headlights, cast wheels was released (with the design changed in relation to the European versions). Also, presumably, versions with the x16xel engine were released. The cars assembled in Yelabuga had the plate under a cowl with information on the place of assembly and WINES, and additional WINES, put down on a forward wing (a shock-absorber cup), on the plate under a cowl, on a luggage carrier polika.